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Mar 21 - Mar 24, 2012

Musikmesse/ProLight+Sound 2012


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dBTechnologies Rental & Installation Innovations at PL+S

Apr 02, 2012

Ranging from the 8”/1” DVX D8 HP through to the 15”/1.4” DVX D15 HP,
the flexibility of the four multi-funtional cabinets is remarkable.
Configurable as full range systems...

dBTechnologies used this year's Prolight & Sound show as a platform to launch three new subwoofers augmenting the DVA range, as well as announce the DVX series upgrade. Taking advantage of the improved available technology and incorporating the in-house designed digital amplifiers the company raises the bar several notches for sound pressure, performance and response. For the first time at Frankfurt, a full T12 system with some of the new subwoofers - including the new DVA S1521 - could also be heard in the outdoor demo sessions which was running for the duration of the exhibition.

Fans of dBTechnologies' subwoofers will be impressed by the three brand new DVA Subs introduced at the booth. The DVA S1521N is a powered 21" subwoofer, housed in a bass reflex enclosure and boasts an incredible 1500W RMS power. Serving as the unit’s transducer is a state-of-the-art 21” woofer with neodymium magnets and a 4.5" voice coil so even very low bass frequencies are rendered with pinpoint precision and hair-trigger transient response.

The DVA S1518N is a bandpass subwoofer based on the DVA S10, but with a 50 percent higher power amp output, an integrated DSP and an RDnet link. A remarkably versatile subwoofer, it is designed to deliver tight and punchy bass response. Equipped with a next-generation, 18" RCF® woofer driven by a built-in 1500W RMS digipro® G2 digital power amp, DVA S1518N modules can be stacked or flown.

The intriguing concept of a subwoofer featuring a cardiod layout can be found in dBTechnologies DVA S2585N. This is a compact subsystem with enhanced low-frequency directivity, thus removing the likelihood of interference and annoying noise. The system consists of two separate chambers, one loaded with a forward facing 18" woofer and another with a rearward facing 15" woofer. Providing a total output of 2500W RMS of power it not only sounds great, it is also easy to handle and transport.

All the new subs are driven by high performance digipro® G2 Class-D digital power amps, equipped with PFC switched-mode power supplies and are fully compatible and ready for integration with DVA T12 and DVA T4 systems.

The DVX HP series comprises four multi-functional two way systems, all of which boast an impressive feature set, multifunctional birch multiplex housings equipped with rigging points and rails, and continues to offer the unrivalled price-to-performance ratio expected from dBTechnologies products. Versatile and robust, the DVX series caters to PA hire and sound reinforcement companies suitable for both mobile applications and fixed installation.

Ranging from the 8”/1” DVX D8 HP through to the 15”/1.4” DVX D15 HP, the flexibility of the four multi-funtional cabinets is remarkable. Configurable as full range systems, combinations of mid-/high-range units and subwoofers, they can even be used as monitors, side-fills or delay lines making them the Swiss Army knife of PA systems.

Giving customers even more for their money, each unit now incorporates state-of-the-art digipro® G2 power amp technology for more power and performance with convection cooling, delivering up to 1400 W. An integrated DSP serves as an active equalizer, crossover and high-pass filter and ensures utmost reliability and operating safety.

The three new subwoofers are due to ship this summer and the upgraded DVX HP series will be shipping in autumn 2012.

Full list of rental and installation products launched:
Subwoofers: S1521N, S1518N, S2585N

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