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The Y-10 is a extremely high-power sub-compact 3-way ‘True Line Source Array’, features a single patented Adamson mid/high Co-Linear Drive® module (subject to four patents).

The Y18 produces a perfectly curved co-linear ribbon of mid and high energy with Adamson's proprietary Co-Linear sound chamber technology, virtually eliminating time smear.

The F55 ultra-compact loudspeaker for applications requiring wide dispersion near field coverage. Utilises dual 5" drivers manufactured to Funktion One specification with no compression driver.

Funktion One F81 compact loudspeaker features excellent bass definition and high vocal intelligibility and provides outstanding imaging detail and clarity from a surprisingly small package.

F221 highly tuned and efficient bass utilises two special Funktion One designed neodymium 21" drivers with double 6" voice coils and "Andrews" loading techniques. Available unpowered or self powe

PT0660M series are the industry standard for multi-channel (up to 32) audio level metering with phase correlation meter and StarFish(TM) Surround Sound vector oscilloscope.

The HD-SDI Embedder/Deembedder module can be operated in different modes. Depending on the configuration, it is operated as Deembedder- 8 ch. input, as Embedder- 8 ch. output or as Embedder/Deembedd

Available in 10ft. and 15ft. versions with a wide variety of XLR connector combinations, including all male, all female, mixed genders or TRS connectors.

An ideal solution for problems involving interfacing DB25 analog and digital connections to XLR connectors. The MMB8D MiniStageBox can be used as a rugged standalone interface, or rack-mounted.

Designed to protect DB25-based gear from the wear and tear of remote broadcast applications and broadcast truck interfaces.

LumaVue can be used for connection panels, switch panels and diagrams of any kind. Available in a variety of sizes or shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels.

AV2000 combines audio, video and data control signals through a sophisticated hybrid connector that replaces multiple fragile tails and connectors.

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