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Engineered to deliver studio quality performance to the wireless world, the hand-tuned Earthworks WL40V features fast impulse response, wide frequency response and high SPL handling.

The podium pal allow you to add a line level signal such as computer audio or an MP3 player to an existing podium microphone line. It also has a switch to mute the podium mic for non-public talking.

The Room Resonance Remover is a Notch Filter specifically design to reduce audio feedback in low frequencies. 2 line level channels with controls for frequency, Q and depth. Assembled in the USA.

The Milli-Unit is our entry level with all the basic features you need to add that analog sparkle and punch to your recordings. Easy setup makes this the perfect companion to your D

Dual Telephone Hybrid for POTS lines, ISDN or VoIP with two analogue or digital Audio lines plus tow Handset/Headset interfaces for Pretalk.

acoustic panel HarmoniumXP2D - acoustic diffuser2D

Ultimo Pro Studio is the flag ship of the Ultimo range of dedicated studio microphone stands we manufacture here at Bicci (UK)

Ultimo Studio dedicated studio microphone stand with dual uprights and a solid acetal base

Ultimo Project the lightweight of the range does its job perfectly.

Micco Universal is a wall mounted microphone support system designed to accomodate any clamp mounted reflection screen.

Micco Pro Studio is a wall mounted studio microphone support system with height adjustable reflection screen and adjustable boom arm.

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