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The M 300 is a compact condenser microphone in studio quality. The frequency response is practically linear with a smooth treble boost

The BDM-01 is a dedicated bass drum microphone that is equally at home in the studio and on the road. It is based on a high-end, hand built condenser capsule, the same as in the VM-44 system.

In the world of microphones the Milab SRND 360 represents a small revolution. It enables high quality recording in 5.0/5.1 and 6.0/6.1 surround sound with just one microphone.

AMS Neve 1073DPX dual 1073 microphone preamp/EQ unit, using the same revered Neve 1073 circuit design and genuine components, matched with modern manufacturing techniques.

The first ASIO driver to mix WDM audio into ASIO and make multi-client support simple! This unique ASIO audio mixer/driver adds tremendous new functionality to your ASIO driver.

APEQ 2pro is a 2-channel acoustic power equaliser that runs on correction FIR filters created by CONEQ™ Workshop. Filter length is 4 096 taps with the resolution of 5 Hz. Can contain 2 (L&R) filters.

APEQ 2pro DIO (digital in & out) is a 2-channel acoustic power equaliser that runs on correction FIR filters created by CONEQ™ Workshop. Filter length is 4 096 taps at resolution of 5 Hz.

CONEQ™ Workshop – software for measuring acoustic power of loudspeakers & for correction filter synthesis. Any license plan CONEQ™ Workshop features parametric equaliser PE1 and communication tool C1

LICENSE EXPIRES 30/9/2009 CONEQ™ Workshop Limited – FREE software for measuring acoustic power of speakers & synthesising correction filters. Available in bundle with APEQ 2pro & CONEQ™ P2 plug-in

CONEQ™ P2 plug-in is a two-channel equaliser used to correct the frequency response characteristics of loudspeakers from within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Available as VST 2.4 for Windows

Artist is designed as a powerful matrix platform for intercom and the distribution of analogue and digital audio and TCP/IP data signals - for live audio and intercom applications

HQ series is a high-end SMPS product specially designed for entertainment, performance and venues application occasions, with power range from 650W to 1500W, totally 4 models.

Brand: "LEXONPRO" XL series is the popular amplifiers targeted at mid and small multifunctional application projects, with power range from 100W to 600W, totally 5 models.

Brand:"LEXONPRO" CX series is the mid-class SMPS amplifier faced to various large multifunction application project, with power range from 350W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand: "SOUNDSTANDARD" Ls series is a matured SMPS amplifier for mid-end multifunctional application projects, with power range from 320W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand: "FAMOUSOUND" MAs series is upgrated SMPS amplifier suitable for mid and high end performance and entertainment application occasion, with power range from 320W to 1200W, 5 models in total.

Brand:"SOUNDSTANDARD" As a traditional and matured product, CA series is suitable for comprehensive multifunctional application market and has been enjoying high prestige at home and abroad.

Brand: FAMOUSOUND. As a high-end transformer amplifier, adopting new patented technology CLASS J, with the fashional and professional pannel

Brand: LEXONPRO As a high-end flagship amplifier, it has 5 models in total, from 310w to 1500w, enjoying high prestige for high reliablity and super sound performance.

Phones for professional monitoring applications, suitable for a very wide range of applications, particularly for use in a high-noise environment.

The HMD 280 PRO headset has been especially designed for communications in high-noise environments. Its dynamic, super-cardioid microphone has been optimised for close talking distances.

The IE 8 enables the user to precisely fine-tune the bass response. They are optimised for professional monitoring use and ideal for portable AV devices like MP3, DVD and CD players or Phones.

The Milli-Unit is our entry level with all the basic features you need to add that analog sparkle and punch to your recordings. Easy setup makes this the perfect companion to your D

8 Channel Analog, AES/EBU, HD/SD-SDI, Dolby Digital (AC-3) & Dolby E Audio Monitor and Converter / De-embedder w/ Channel Summing

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