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A unique surround microphone array based on 8 omni microphones and an a DSP, designed for high quality surround recording.

The Ginko is a One-Way-Speaker without a crossover network, enclosed in a sealed box for perfect nearfield or surround applications.

Balanced sound conductor without compromise and therefore without screen. Perfectly suited for all balanced signals, unaffected if on line- or microphone-level.

Shielded, balanced sound conductor with optimal protection from noise. Offers the best sound quality in all situations, where absolutely no risk for interference can be taken.

Multicore sound conductor with eight balanced channels. In order to achieve a perfect result in every situation, VOVOX®mucolink is generally assembled according to the customer's requirements.

Unbalanced multi-purpose sound conductor. Perfectly suited for all kinds of electrically amplified musical instruments such as electric or acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards.

The MP3 Micro Player has been designed for installations and integrations where broadcast of sounds, music or commentaries are required either in a pre-defined playback mode or on interactive input.

AV2000 combines audio, video and data control signals through a sophisticated hybrid connector that replaces multiple fragile tails and connectors.

LumaVue can be used for connection panels, switch panels and diagrams of any kind. Available in a variety of sizes or shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels.

Designed to protect DB25-based gear from the wear and tear of remote broadcast applications and broadcast truck interfaces.

An ideal solution for problems involving interfacing DB25 analog and digital connections to XLR connectors. The MMB8D MiniStageBox can be used as a rugged standalone interface, or rack-mounted.

Available in 10ft. and 15ft. versions with a wide variety of XLR connector combinations, including all male, all female, mixed genders or TRS connectors.

High Class modular DAW-Controller for the Media Productions System Nuendo/Steinberg. 39 encoders, 12 rotaries, 41 LCD displays, 350 keys, 12 motor-faders, up to 60 faders, USB, custommised solutions.

DAW-Controller for Media Productions System Nuendo/Steinberg, focused on edit work and multitrack recording.

8 Channel Dolby E, Dolby Digital & PCM Audio Monitor

8 Channel HD/SD-SDI, AES/EBU & Analog Monitor and Converter / De-embedder w/ Channel Summing

Premium Quality 4 Channel Analog, AES/EBU & SDI Monitor and Converter

AES/EBU Digital 32 Channel 26 Segment In-Rack Professional Level Metering System

Dolby Digital (AC-3) Ultra-High Resolution Level Meter

Premium Quality, Analog Self-Powered Speaker System - 10 Stereo Channels

Orfeusz 206 is a complete solution for real-time control of sound source positioning and movement over 4, 5 or 6 loudspeakers in a free configuration.

Digital wireless microphone with optional built-in back up recorder and internal IFB monitoring.

vielklang instantly generates an background choir or brass section from a single-voiced audio file. The voice are controlled by sophisticated voice-leading and harmony progression models.

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