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Channels / Groups

- 480 channel processing paths packaged as 162 stereo and 156 mono channels, allowing up to 78 x full 5.1 surround channels
- 8 x 5.1 surround, stereo or mono audio groups
- All channels, groups and mains have 4-band EQ, 2-band filters, Compressor/Limiter and Expander/Gate
- Separate 2-band EQ and 2-band filters for Dynamics side-chain
- Up to 192 mono equivalent assignable inserts for outboard gear
- All channels and groups can have a direct output or a mix-minus feed
- Direct outputs can be pre EQ, pre fader or post fader
- All surround channels and groups have surround direct outputs, with the option to downmix to stereo
- Tracks can be fed from pre EQ, pre or post fader
- Automatic cross fading facility, with user-definable fade out and in times
- Additional VCA style grouping system
- Every channel can route to every bus, at the same time, without restrictions


- 4 x 5.1 surround or stereo main outputs with Compressor/Limiter
- 20 auxiliary outputs, which can be 20 mono or 10 stereo
- 48 outputs for multi-track or general purpose feeds
- Simultaneous LCRS, stereo and mono outputs available from each 5.1 main output
- Direct input available to groups, mains, aux and mix-minus busses


- Up to 96 channel/group faders, with A & B layers of control, plus 4 dedicated main output faders
- All faders are motorised and touch sensitive
- A centrally assigned fader allows control of any fader from the optimum listening position
- Comprehensive surround panning and monitoring
- User-definable panels for monitor selection and control
- Flexible TFT screen-based meters with total user-configurability
- Input delay from control screen with additional hardware panel option
- Optional I/O expansion via a wide area interface such as MADI or Hydra, Calrec's sophisticated audio networking system
- On board Flash ROM memory system allows 99 full console snapshot or partial memories
- PC backup allows an unlimited number of memories
- Sophisticated GPIO facilities


- Console operates independently of PC
- Independent DSP operation ensures audio continuity even during PC or control reset
- Console and racks boot from power on in less than 20 seconds
- Full control system reset in less than 15 seconds with no loss of audio
- Last settings fully restored on power-up or reset
- Automatic change over to hot spares for power supplies, control cards and DSP card
- All cards and modules are designed to be hot plugged
- All cards and modules are designed to initialise on insertion
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