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Calrec Audio – Alpha with Bluefin

The Calrec Alpha is an all digital audio console for live production and on-air use.

As with every Calrec digital console, all elements of system design are focused on simplicity and reliability. The assignable control surface of the Alpha minimises screen usage enabling direct access to the majority of console functions.

Bluefin High Density Signal Processing allows the Alpha to deal with large numbers of surround sources, and more than doubles the processing capacity of the largest Alpha console.

Bluefin provides 480 channel processing paths on just one DSP card, with full EQ and dynamics to all channels. This allows for up to 78 x full 5.1 channels.

This technology ensures the Alpha console meets the needs of HD production and live to air delivery far into the future.

The Alpha is also available in an Outside Broadcast configuration.

The Alpha OB has been designed to allow all signal processing and control systems to be located beneath the control surface. This is acheived without any significant increase in size or weight over a standard system.


  • Broadcast
  • Live Production


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