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NUGEN Releases Fluid Morphing and Match-Mode Capabilities

NUGEN Audio's SEQ-ST Spline EQ With Filter Morphing, Midside

Apr 27, 2016

SEQ-S and SEQ-ST Offer Music Professionals New Creative Possibilities
and Real-Time, Visual Feedback

NUGEN Audio announced a significant upgrade of its powerful sonic-sculpting and matching EQ plugin, SEQ. SEQ is available in two versions: SEQ-S, a full-surround post-production spline equalizer, and SEQ-ST, a stereo version ideal for music production and mastering. The upgrade adds a new fluid filter morphing feature to both tools that enables morphs between two sets of curves for creative effects and controlled scene transitions. In addition, SEQ-S and SEQ-ST now feature an improved match EQ algorithm that provides increased detail and enables users to match the tone of different recordings with greater fidelity and ease.

SEQ-S and SEQ-ST enable music professionals to massage and correct any audio with incredible resolution, far superior to a traditional parametric interface. Both SEQ-S and SEQ-ST provide sonic sculpting and precision EQ matching including stereo midside operation, automated spectrum analysis, curve smoothing, and a direct-draw spline interface for corrective applications.

Fluid Filter Morphing

With the upgrade, the powerful new filter morphing feature has wide-ranging application within the music, film, and post-production environments. Both tools now allow fluid morphing between two sets of filter curves under full user control, making them useful for creative effects and controlled scene transitions. Three fully independent filter-envelope transition pairs enable seamless transformation from one EQ envelope to another to drive all-new creative potential for transitions, beat-synced sweep effects, and more. Users can apply tempo matching to drive a lift into a new section, and new looping options and tempo multipliers add even more rhythmic possibilities.

Key filter morphing features include:
• Three fully independent filter envelope transition pairs
• Mid/side, left/right operation
• 5.1 and 7.1 surround (SEQ-S only)
• Static high-pass, low-pass, and dynamic-pass filter mode
• Tempo-locked time base with BPM multipliers
• Absolute time-based transitions (seconds)
• Multiple transition modes (single, return, loop)
• Real-time, dynamically updating visual feedback
• Updating of morph filters on the fly

Improved Match EQ Algorithm

With the improved Match Mode, SEQ-S and SEQ-ST now provide increased detail for tone-matching of recordings, making it easier and more intuitive than ever for users to match different sessions, room tones, takes, or entire tonal environments.

Match Mode key features include:
• Enhanced high-frequency capture in Match Mode
• Further optimization for increased detail across all frequencies
• Improved frequency-optimized spectrum analysis view
• New file-based preset system
• New fine-tune control keyboard modifiers

NUGEN Audio's SEQ-ST Spline EQ With Filter Morphing, Stereo

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