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New Canadian Distribution Partnership for Outline

The Martech team, with Outline's engineer Giulio Gandini (the 2nd from left).

Jun 04, 2012

Outline are delighted to announce the appointment of Martech as their
new distribution partner for Canada.

Outline are delighted to announce the appointment of Martech as their new distribution partner for Canada.

Established in 1989, Martech is a contracted sales company with sales offices and shipping points serving the entire country of Canada. The company's stated mission is ‘To align manufacturers with core clients and drive profits through strategy and action’. The new distribution agreement effectively aligns the two companies to deliver the unique advantages of Outline's loudspeaker and associated product lines to Canadian clients.

‘Our job is to align manufacturers with core clients in Canada. The best way for us to do that is by helping our customers successfully provide solutions to their customers’, said Nathan Smith, Martech’s Web Sales and Marketing Manager. ‘Martech is continually looking to partner with innovative, growth-oriented, connected manufacturers and develop their business in our marketplace. Outline fits this profile perfectly’.

He continued, ‘Outline's line array products will allow us to expand our influence in Canada's pro audio production and installation markets. Martech has been focused in the fixed installation integrator market, and Outline gives Martech's team the ability to work in new market verticals like large-scale live entertainment productions, arenas, outdoor concerts, entertainment events in convention centres and theatres. Outline's GTO, Butterfly and Mini Compass line arrays allow Martech to connect with the production audio side of their existing customers and open new opportunities with companies that are totally production-oriented’.

‘For example, we see a huge opportunity for Outline in Canada with the Mini Compass line array product family. Mini Compass is a highly versatile product for both fixed-install integrators and production companies, and with the accompanying iMode technology is so powerful and flexible that audio companies across the continent will be able to use it to win projects and grow their businesses. Its unique asymmetrical dispersion design allows integrators and production houses to use one line array product in many different applications. We will open a lot of doors with this innovative and unique system. Outline's Butterfly line array system will also be important for Martech - its ingenious design gives enormous SPL and very precise pattern control from a lightweight, compact format. What an attractive line array!’.

He concluded, ‘Martech is putting Outline-dedicated resources into the field for design and demonstration activities as well as technical and sales support for our new Outline customers. Having suitably trained people in place to help new users and installers deploy their first Outline systems is critical for a smooth customer experience and opens the door for repeat business and sales growth. Our initial investment in the brand includes two complete Mini Compass demonstration systems, which are a great introduction for Canadian customers to Outline products. Our demo stock also includes iSM self-powered monitors with iMode capability, the compact and self-powered DVS series, and numerous subwoofers options. We are planning for significant growth with Outline in Canada in 2012!’.

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