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A New Product Category for Personal Broadcasting from Tascam

Ministudio Creator

Apr 18, 2016

Tascam Ministudio Creator | Tascam Ministudio PersonalTascam is
showcasing its Ministudio Personal and Ministudio Creator, two
products that have been designed for the relatively recent phenomenon
of personal broadcasting.

This involves live transmissions by individuals of video and sound material over the internet such as self-created radio or TV programs and live journalistic reports.
Tascam’s intention with these Ministudios is to give users audio interfaces for Windows and Mac computers that are as straightforward and convenient as possible. The focus is less on the technology and more on sheer fun and ease of use. With its built-in microphone, vocal effects and reverb, the Ministudio Personal, a computer and headphones are all you need – no other accessories at all. Ministudio Creator will simplify live streaming of audio signals and voiceovers for videos, for which it establishes a separate signal flow to editing software already on a computer. Enriched with vocal effects and/or background music, the film material can then be easily uploaded to video portals on the internet.

Additional settings such as compression, 4-band EQ and the selection of the vocal effect can be applied using the software supplied.

Mini Recorder with Shotgun Microphone

The DR-10SG from Tascam is a mini recorder that weighs only 100 grams. It has an integrated directional (shotgun) microphone than can be placed on any camera with a hotshoe and will help beginners in particular to add sound to their DSLR video recordings.

The recorder creates mono recordings in WAV/BWF format with a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz at a resolution of 16 or 24 bits and offers automatic or manual level adjustment, a limiter, low-pass filter and EQ presets for different scenarios. It is also capable of dual recordings, with the second recording at a reduced level to protect against overloads and hence distortion.

A slate signal function and the ability to forward the sound signal to the camera simplify synchronisation during post-editing of the video material. The DR-10SG has a USB port for data exchange and is powered by a single AAA battery. The package includes a noise isolation arm and a wind shield for the microphone.

Audio interface for the iPad

iXR from Tascam is a compact and robust audio/MIDI interface for mobile recordings with an Apple iPad. It provides two analogue inputs and outputs and MIDI In/Out, and can work equally well with microphones, line signals and instruments. With its slim aluminium casing, ultra HDDA preamps and sampling rates up to 96 kHz it meets the high demands of iPad users in terms not only of its looks but also its sound quality. It can also be used with Mac and Windows computers.
iXR has high input sensitivity so it can produce good results from relatively weak dynamic microphones, and can be operated as a standalone unit – ideal for practice sessions, for example. The output and headphone levels can be adjusted independently of one another, and licences for the Cubasis LE app and for the Cubase LE DAW software are included.



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