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dBTechnologies Augments Its Professional Range at PL&S 2012

Apr 02, 2012

SUB 808 D is an 800W, yet competitively priced 18” subwoofer which can
be combined with Cromo, Opera and even FlexSys. With its built-in
digital stereo x-over (DSP) and...

dBTechnologies was proud to unveil a selection of new and augmented professional audio products at this year's Pro Light & Sound exhibition, welcoming visitors to its now established 780sqm booth space in Hall 8, G70 shared with cousin brand RCF. Throughout the show, and for the first time at Frankfurt, both brands were demonstrating a range of their gear on an outdoor truck, with dBTechologies showcasing the new subwoofers from the professional range together with a sizeable DVA T12 system.

Amongst the professional audio offerings, comes the upgraded Opera DX line, billed as the next chapter of the celebrated Opera series' 12-year success story. With a level of reliability that is expected of the well-established range, Opera DX benefits from the latest available technology, and has been augmented with in-house developed digipro® G2 power amps and other state-of-the-art features which improve overall performance. Continuing to be unrivalled in its price range, Opera DX offer tailored solutions for every sound reinforcement application.

The brand new Sigma speaker line offers PA hire companies, musicians and DJs nothing less than professional sound and stellar performance. Engineered for portability, the affordable range is designed to be reliable and easy to set up, with loads of handling capacity and the staying power necessary to operate at high levels for hours on end.

Exceptionally light and remarkably rugged, the Sigma range is made from dBTechnologies H.E.T.™ (Hybrid Enclosure Technology) multi-plywood with a scratch-resistant coating and comprises three units: S115, S215 and S118 Sub. Inside each one is the digipro® G2 power amp which was developed specifically for use in very compact active systems, whilst the integrated digital sound processor has a variety of signal processing presets to help put the final touches to the sound with the minimum of fuss.

The Cromo+ series reinvents the entry-level speaker line specifications, with enhanced digipack™ digital amplifiers providing maximum efficiency, and an integrated digital sound processor (DSP) ensuring perfect sound calibration of individual speaker components.

Comprising four modules, the smallest being Cromo 8+ with 8” woofer and 300W, and now including the largest Cromo 15+ which is loaded with a potent 15” woofer and 600W of ultra compact digipack™ power, the range features compact multifunctional housing, asymmetrical CD horns and a mic input on XLR and jack sockets for maximum flexibility. Who knew a budget range could be so highly specified?

Two new subwoofers were also being launched. SUB 28 D is an active 2 x 8” subwoofer engineered to provide low-end reinforcement for dBTechnologies L and K Series speakers, and thanks to its light, lean design and pole mountability it can be used in extremely compact venues.

SUB 808 D is an 800W, yet competitively priced 18” subwoofer which can be combined with Cromo, Opera and even FlexSys. With its built-in digital stereo x-over (DSP) and switchable cutoff frequency, phase reverse switch and integrated control features, it delivers a low-ranging bass foundation to provide precisely the low-end support for 12” and 15” speaker systems.

Last but not least, the L160 D compact active speaker succeeds the popular L160, exhibiting all the benefits of two 5" phase-corrected loudspeaker, ultra light weight and astonishing sound pressure levels, but now with improved digital technology.

The subwoofers are expected to be shipping in May and other new releases will be available late summer.

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