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YOU ARE MOST LIKELY on at least one social network for sharing and staying connected with friends; or in a career network for professionals, where you can "like", "follow" or "friend" brands and businesses just the same as people, to find all their postings in your timeline. Promotional communications may be valuable, but can be distracting at the time you interact with friends and acquaintances. Not only because of this are social networks far from ideal for interaction with brands and businesses.

CONNECT AND INTERACT with brands and businesses at PROAUDIOGUIDE CONNECT-ACCESS in a specialized, dedicated environment. Get firsthand information from leading companies in professional audio and related industries. Discover new businesses as supplier, employer or affiliate, get notified about new products, interesting events and special offers and share what you like with colleagues on your favorite networks.

FOR BUSINESSES, publishing information is easy and free, because we want to provide the most complete and up-to-date overview on what's available on the market. Rates for promotion and relevant ads are kept low to enable even the smallest businesses to participate.

CONNECT with your favorite Brands and Businesses and ACCESS firsthand Information.

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